The Premium Pass includes:

  • Unlimited Access to 30+ Masterclass Video Sessions ($1,997 Value)
  • 30+ Hours of Masterclass Sessions in MP3 format ($697 Value)
  • 30+ Experia Summit Session Transcripts ($997 Value)
  • Experia Summit Recap & Lessons Learned ($500 Value)
  • Experia Summit Bonus Training Library ($1,000+ Value)
  • Experia Summit session Deals: Special deals and discounts from our sponsors and more ($1000+ Value)

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Experia Summit Is The #1 Online Resource To Teach You How To Build, Grow, and Monetize Your People-Centric Organization with the Six Disciplines of Experience Management

Throughout Joakim’s and Annette's entrepreneurial journeys, they’ve been honored to learn from some of the best in Experience Management. Just as these thought leaders have forever changed business and the way of creating value, they will likewise change yours.

These world-class Experience Management experts are on the cutting edge of people-centric tips, tools, and strategies to help you skyrocket your growth in your company (and take your team and organization to the next level with Experience Management).

Each of these speakers normally charges hundreds of dollars in hourly consulting rates. We say this not to impress you but to impress upon you the significance of the impact they will have on your business.

These speakers are ready to share their wisdom with you. Let them guide you, step-by-step. They will provide the blueprints, checklists, and tools you need to build and grow a highly-engaged people-centric organization that, at the same time, is profitable.

What If I Can't Make It To All Expert Masterclass Sessions At Once?

We're all busy. We totally get that!

Successful implementation of these strategies in your business needs some time and work if you want to achieve great results.

Moreover, listening and absorbing everything at once is probably not feasible for most.

However, with the Experia Summit Premium Pass, it's like having the best Experience Management experts guiding you every step of the way as you're building and growing your people-centric business, wherever you're starting right now. At your convenience. On your timeline.

So If You're Serious About Taking Your Experience Management Strategies to the Next Level...

If you want to save time and effort on experimentation and do WHAT WORKS to build your people-centric business TODAY...

If you want access to $1,000's in exclusive, limited-time bonuses and special deals (more about that later on this page)...

Then the Experia Summit Premium Pass is for you.

It's a complete no-brainer for most of our 10,000 attendees to upgrade to a Premium Pass so they can get lifetime access to these game-changing strategies and exclusive bonuses.

Altogether We're Talking About $6,191 In World-Class Expert Masterclass Sessions And Exclusive Limited-Time Bonuses When You Upgrade To A Premium Pass Today:

So Why Should You Make It Your #1 Focus To Build A Highly-Engaged And Profitable People-Centric Business?

When companies make building people-centric business #1 priority, they are able to go from reactive to proactive, from static and stagnant to innovative and disruptive, building businesses that generate more growth and more profitability over time.

These companies are able to create persuasive business cases with tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in ROI; so it's safe to say that a people-centric culture is the most valuable asset a business can have.

Without an engaged people-centric business, you really don't have a business at all these days.

However, Don't Take Our Word For It…

Here's what three of the world's leading Experience Management experts have to say about the importance of building your people-centric business the right way...

It stands to reason that your organization must be employee-centric before it can be customer-centric. Take a look at the most admired places to work.  There is a direct correlation between companies that are rated high in the work environment and those that are rated high in customer satisfaction ratings.  More important, this also leads to more financial success.

Shep Hyken
Customer Service & Experience Expert, NY Times Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker

At most companies the culture remains product-focused or sales-driven, or customer centricity is considered a priority only for certain functions such as marketing. To successfully implement a customer-centric strategy and operating model, a company must have a culture that aligns with them — and leaders who deliberately cultivate the necessary mindset and values in their employees.

Denise Lee Yohn
Brand Leadership Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Author of the bestselling books
"What Great Brands Do" and "FUSION"

Customer-centric organisations deliver greater financial returns to shareholders. It’s a bold statement, but one that is now backed up by publicly-available, fact-based research. If your business intends to be more customer centric, you need to consider whether or not your business possesses people with the skills, knowledge and ability to make it happen.

Ian Golding
Global Customer Experience Specialist and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)

How To Hack This Pass And Get Every Cent Of ROI…

1. Take advantage of the Premium Pass NOW before the price goes up.

This is your only chance to get the pass at a great low price. You’ve probably done a free trial for premium software before.

This is the same basic idea. The hack is to buy now, so you’ll get to keep all of the training, on-demand, forever.

2. Identify the areas where you need the most help.

Maximize your learning by implementing the actionable takeaways that 30 experience management speakers will be sharing with you!.

This is not “sit back and enjoy” content. We’re not Netflix. We’re technically implementing Experience Management strategies here, so you need to be actively engaged and ready to learn.

Action Item: Review the speaker list, and make a list of strategies you’re interested in implementing before you even start viewing.

3. Please read up on each speaker’s content and connect with them.

You won’t be researching strategies or terms during the live event. Many of the Experience Management strategies in the summit are advanced, with speakers jumping into strategic content right from the beginning.

By being up to speed before it starts, you’ll be able to be fully engaged with each speaker’s content and able to ask questions in real-time.

Note: You will have the opportunity to get live help during the sessions.

4. Implement tomorrow the tactics you learn today.

You’ll have time to ask questions about how to implement the experience management strategies as they are taught. If you’ve got your checklist prepped and on your screen, you can start to sketch out how you might implement right alongside the presenter in real-time. This is what the best experience managers and students do.

There will be many strategies you will want to implement. Think about your current state Experience Management strategy and try to plot most of the work during the session when the speaker is available.

5. Use the Experience Management strategies to accelerate your learning curve in new areas.

If you want to start a new area for Experience Management, only watch those sessions after you have pointed out that new section or part of your company. If your Experience management roadmap is organized before you start, you can implement solutions quickly.

If you run a team remotely, make sure your Experience Management people have all access passes to the library.

How To Implement What You Learn At The Experia Summit

If you have ever spent money on a conference, you know the pros and cons. You meet great people, but there’s always the risk of not coming away with enough return on your investment in the program. You’ve got pages and pages of notes, but you have no idea where to begin or how to implement.

With our summit, there are no travel or hotel expenses. There’s no presentation schedule to worry about. But there are actionable takeaways and immediate next steps for you to capture.

With our Premium Pass, you are getting a substantial curated video library that includes teachings from the greatest minds in Experience Management. Also, your Pass lets you watch whenever you want after the event is over.

Our goal is to bring the most valuable, actionable strategies to help you develop your People-Centric Culture immediately using strategies that you’ve probably never heard before.

If you purchase the Premium Pass today, you’ll have all of this information on hand whenever you need it.

We also include a bunch of other content and discounts with the Premium Pass to make this a natural investment choice for you to make.

The World-Class Experts You’ll Soon Be Learning From

Bruce Temkin

What The Heck Is Experience Management (XM)

Evan Kohn

5 Steps To Increase Customer Satisfaction With Conversational AI

Charlene Li

The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail

Gregg Lederman

Giving Employees What They CRAVE in 10 Minutes by Friday®

Ian Golding

Customer Journey Management – it is not just about the mapping!

Kerry Bodine

How A Journey Mindset Can Reshape Your Customer Experiences

Tim Kuppler

It’s Time To Get Serious About Meaningful Culture And Performance Improvement

Marleen Van wijk

How To Achieve Insights Excellence: A Culture Of Measurement And Change

Jeanne Bliss

“Experience” Is, In Its Purest Form… Leadership BRAVERY

Stan Phelps

Pink Goldfish - Amplify Differentiation to Stand Out in the Marketplace

Mark Tomaszewicz

The Five Dimensions of Employee Experience

Kristina Evey

A VOC Focus Strengthens Your Customer Experience

Maurice FitzGerald

How To Stay Married… To Your Customers, Of Course.

Megan Burns

Burnout Is Not Customer-Centric: Balancing Customer And Employee Experience So Everyone Thrives

Gayana Helder

How to drive Cultural Transformation by humanizing your business

Randy Conley

Strategies for Creating an Exceptional Employee Experience

Shep Hyken

The Convenience Revolution

Ingrid Lindberg

CXO Truth Talk: An interview with a serial CXO

Michel Falcon

People-First Culture: Build a Lasting Business By Shifting Your Focus From Profits to People

Clare Muscutt

How to Be Awesome at CX

Chris Brown

How to create a truly customer obsessed culture

Olga Guseva

Evolution of customer-centric corporate culture. Doing the right things at the right time

Adam Toporek

Be Your Team's Hero: How To Lead A World- Class Customer Experience Team

Mike Wittenstein

Big Breakthroughs Come From Breaking Big Things

Oleg Konovalov

Advanced Leadership: Care For People, Care For The Future

Laura Tengerdi

Building a loveable bank – transitioning from a legacy company to a customer-centric culture

Debbie Akwara

How To Use Customer Feedback To Improve Business Performance

Benjamin Granger

X and O Data Inequality: How to Leverage O-data Principles to Improve EX

Denise Lee Yohn

How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World's Greatest Companies

Tanveer Naseer

How Leaders Can Create A Magnetic Employee Experience At Work

Adrian Swinscoe

What Would A Punk Rock Version Of CX Look And Feel Like?

Jay Baer

Turn Your Customers Into Volunteer Marketers

Jeannie Walters

Create Fewer Ruined Days for your Customers

Colin Shaw

Defining what Customer really want and what drive value $

Chris Dyer

The Diverse Workplace – Creating a company filled with people who think differently

Experia Summit create more value and actionable insights for you and your team

It is the only virtual summit in this space that covers six disciplines of Experience Management

Is unique then is no other of this caliber, magnitude, and depth and breadth of content

The community is an ecosystem of learning over time

When You Upgrade To Experia Summit Premium Pass During This Special Limited Time Period, You'll Get:

($1,997 Value)

You will get unlimited on-demand access to 30+ in-depth expert masterclass video sessions (30+ hours) with world-class experience management experts, thought leaders, including Bruce Temkin, Jeannie Bliss, Shep Hyken, Tanveer Naseer, Randy Conley, and many more. 

Watch every lesson from the comfort of your own home or office, and implement the step-by-step strategies outlined in each session at your own pace.

($697 Value)

Want to learn on the go? We took each of the 30+ expert masterclass video sessions and turned them into audio versions in downloadable MP3 format for your convenience (30+ hours of actionable training).

You can download them on your phone, iPod, iPad, or computer and listen to them whenever you want – on your commute, in the car, at the gym, on the go — anytime, anywhere. With this resource, you've got no excuses to miss out on all the valuable content.

($500 Value)

In this exclusive bonus session, Annette Franz and Joakim Thorn recaps the entire summit and shares their biggest lessons learned from the expert masterclass sessions.

This will be extremely valuable so that you can focus on the right people-centric strategies for you and implement them into your business, depending on where you're starting right now.

NOTE: This bonus session will take place on December 2019.

In this exclusive bonus session, Annette Franz and Joakim Thorn recaps the entire summit and shares their biggest lessons learned from the expert masterclass sessions.

This will be extremely valuable as we highlight specific  people-centric strategies for you in a summary that will be easy to understand and easy to use.  

NOTE: This bonus session will take place in December 2019.

($997 Value)

Do you prefer reading over listening or viewing?

You're in luck... because we invested $1,000's to get every single one of the 30 expert masterclass sessions transcribed. You'll get access to all of the session transcripts in PDF format you can download.

NOTE: All session transcript PDFs will be ready by the end of December 2019.

($500 Value)

A post-event VIP Q&A together with your hosts, Annette Franz and Joakim Thor, will take place within a couple weeks after the summit. Ask any questions you have about the expert masterclass sessions, Experience Management, and people-centricity. 

NOTE: This LIVE VIP Q&A with Annette and Joakim will take place on December 2019.

($1,000+ Value)

Do you like research on research, case studies, whitepapers to further your knowledge, and other educational content to help you up your experience management game?

Then you will LOVE the Experia Summit Bonus Library because you will get exactly that!

Speakers, sponsors, and other partners will provide some of their best thought leadership on this topic to ensure you’ve got everything you need to design and deliver the best experiences for customers and for employees.

NOTE: We'll expand on this Experia Summit Bonus Library over time with some more educational materials that we know you'll LOVE.

TOTAL VALUE = $6,191

You save over 90% Off the full value price when you purchase today!

Get Access To 30+ World Class Expert Masterclass Sessions Plus $4,194 In Exclusive Bonuses management… For Only $597 $147

“This is the online goto summit when it comes down to actionable Experience Management”

Bruce Temkin
Experience Management (#XM) Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Co-Founder of CXPA.org, and Head of Qualtrics XM Institute

“When you follow the process and strategies that Experia Summit speakers talk about, then you can be sure to start to deliver world-class”

Jeanne Bliss
5 Time Chief Customer Officer| Customer Experience Pioneer & Leadership Advisor
Speaker| Author| Cofounder CXPA.org

This Exclusive Material Will Deliver You Results

Unique & Actionable Material

Experia Summit speakers are sharing thoughtful content and clear and actionable takeaways to ensure you can use and implement the ideas they share, regardless of industry or company size.

Buying a Premium Pass is a no-brainer for attendees who don’t want to miss even one session of the summit.

Proven, World-Class Expert Mentors!

With the Experia Summit Premium Pass, it'll be like having 30+ world-class expert mentors at your side, always ready to help you out with their best advice. Don't waste precious time and money on trial and error!

The experts have already figured out what's working well, right now. Take their ideas and implement them in your company!

Reduce information overload

It's a fact – most experience management leaders today are overwhelmed. There are too many sources of information. How are you supposed to know whom to trust?

You don't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, and time on self-proclaimed gurus without actual real-life experience or results. That's why we gathered this hand-picked lineup of world-class Experience Management experts in one place. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it. 

These are the thought leaders you want to learn from! No fluff! Our expert mentors will tell you how you can implement the very same strategies they use or teach their own clients.

A Quick Recap


Exclusive priority access to all world-class expert masterclass video sessions, downloadable audio versions, session transcripts, bonus training library, software deals, and much more...

When You Upgrade To Experia Summit Premium Pass During This Special Limited Time Period, You'll Get::

  • Unlimited on-demand access to all 30+ in-depth expert masterclass video sessions in high quality ($1,997 Value)
  • 30 hours of downloadable audio files (MP3) for listening on the go ($697 Value)
  • 430+ Experia Summit Session Transcripts in PDF format so that you can read if you'd instead prefer that over watching all the expert video masterclass sessions ($997 Value)
  • Experia Summit Recap & Lessons Learned ($500)
  • Exclusive invite to post-event Members-Only VIP Q&A with summit hosts, Annette Franz and Joakim Thorn ($500 Value)
  • Experia Summit Bonus Training Library ($1,000+ Value)
  • Experia Summit Software Deals: Qualtrics, Customer Journey and more ($500+ Value)

TOTAL VALUE = $6,191

You save over 90% Off the full value price when you purchase today!

Get Access To 30+ World Class Expert Masterclass Sessions Plus $4,194 In Exclusive Bonuses management… For Only $597 $147

Your Premium Pass Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Here's how it works...

Watch as many of the 30+ world-class expert masterclass sessions as you'd like, and if you don’t feel it has been a worthwhile investment (for any reason), then simply send an email to our support team within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked (as long as you didn’t buy just for getting access to all the material or the special deals & discounts etc).

For more information, please refer to our return policy here.

What are you waiting for?

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Meet Your Host

Annette Franz and Joakim Thorn

Everything we do At Experia Summit is to inspire and lead people to create passionate and authentic experiences - in every interaction and conversation. The result is a world with more wow moments and happiness.

We see experiences as the new currency for all companies and organisations - with endless potential to disrupt every global industry. We guarantee our Experia Summit will provide invaluable education, unbiased interviews, upcoming news, and latest trends. 

Warm welcome!

We can't wait to help you step-by-step to skyrocket your Experience management efforts and take your People-Centric business & life to the next level!

- Annette Franz and Joakim Thorn

Get Access To 30+ World Class Expert Masterclass Sessions Plus $4,194 In Exclusive Bonuses management… For Only $597 $147